Ads: A Necessary Evil


Let's be real guys: ads are terrible. 

At best they're an annoying distraction from what you actually want to see, and at worst they trick you into installing terrible shit on your computer that takes forever to figure out how to remove. It's an unfortunate part of the internet business model, but it's also one of the few ways websites can earn enough income to keep going.

As you can probably tell by now, I'm experimenting with putting ads up on this site.

Does that make me a sellout? Yeah, probably. But hey, you can read Rock of Pages for free right now, and I always plan on filling this site with more free comics. You'll just have to scroll past some reminders of your search history with various flashy graphics and calls to action along the way.

Now, from both a moral and design perspective, I promise to never have pop ups and expanding divs and automatically playing videos and super annoying stuff like that. Sites that pull that kind of malarky deserve to be viewed through some type of ad blocker. 

So, at this point you may be asking yourself "Thanks for the info, Lee, now what should I do about it?" Well, hypothetical brain voice, the answer is absolutely nothing. You should just go about your experience the same as always. If you're not interested in whatever the ad is selling, just ignore it. And for the love of god, do NOT keep clicking ads thinking it will earn me free money. Google knows what you're doing and will have none of it. They're virtually omniscient at this point, and I don't know about you, but I don't want to get on their naughty list. And if you see an ad that really pisses you off, let me know about it. Seriously. I'd rather figure out the best ad solution that works for everyone than to be on your list of ad blocked sites.

Anyway, if you made it through this, thanks for reading. The goal is to have just a couple unobtrusive ads on certain pages to earn some revenue from the thousands of visitors who are definitely going to show up here one day. And I don't know about you guys, but I could really go for some FIERY CHICKEN FRIES™, available for a limited time only at Burger King®!