Bruce Wayne V Clark Kent: BVSDOJ Trailer 2 Thoughts

Alright so we're back again with another trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In case you missed it, here's what will probably end up being a two minute cut of whole the movie. The internet has seemed pretty mad at how much of the movie this trailer gives away, so spoilers, I guess?

  • First things first: This is a weird trailer, right? Like from a purely technical standpoint it seems really odd. The amount of information they give with this, and the fact that there appear to be entire scenes from the movie in here is a bizarre choice. And the audio when that guy says "You must be new" at the beginning just sounds like a bad voiceover or something. 
  • All that aside, this trailer has made me the most optimistic I've been about this movie since the awkward car ride home after Man of Steel. Superman does not come off as a total toolbag here. He saves kittens from trees (and rocket ships) and most of the world doesn't think he's a dangerous alien (allegedly)! This is in stark contrast to that teaser or sneak peak or whatever from a couple days ago when I was convinced Superman was going to be under evil mind control for a chunk of the movie.
  • This version of Luthor is going to be bananas.
  • I guess we're continuing movie Batman's non–hatred of guns.
  • Doomsday has always been a walking plot device, so it really doesn't matter what they do with him. With that in mind, it's either a shame or fitting that he looks just like a generic CG movie creature. From a marketing perspective it makes perfect sense to have him be the thing our heroes all team up to fight. But from a story perspective, I can't wrap my head around how they are not just going to have another city wide brawl that ends in monumental destruction and death. They've got the perfect opportunity to make a better version of what the climax of Man of Steel should have been though. I fully expect them to blow it. 
  • I'm very surprised at how much humor is in this thing. It makes me think we might get some fun superhero adventure out of this movie after all. Either that or Warner Bros. is backpedaling on their rumored "no jokes" policy and just stuck every funny part in the trailer like it was an Adam Sandler flick.

And with that I'm pretty much done speculating about this movie. We've got a whopping 4 months until it opens, and I'm at the point where I don't want to know anymore until I'm watching it unfold in a blind rage from the comfort of my $10 theater seat.