Exposition Ahoy!

The Sad Skater has returned! Check out The Saga of Fred Lactus Chapter 4 here. And while you're at it, you should probably catch up on the story so far by going through everything here.

This issue is a milestone for a couple of reasons. First, weighing in at 30 pages, it's the longest issue thus far. And i'm usually happiest with the most recent one I finish, so there's that. But also it means I'm now more than halfway done with Fred's Saga. It's definitely a weird feeling to now be approaching the final act of my time-traveling epic. Don't think I'm winding down though. In a lot of ways I'm still just getting warmed up. There's plenty of crazy surprises still to come.

Chapter 5 will be issue #18. Check back next for more Xopher-centric adventures.