I Made a Company and Called it Blank Page Studios

A big reason why people show any interest in my work is because they either connect with my personal story, or want to support a local, independent artist. At this level, I can’t compete with Marvel or DC, but there are certain people who dig the idea of some guy putting himself out there in this crazy industry.

That personal connection is actually the small advantage I have over these giant movie studios that own characters we’ve all loved since childhood.

So why even make a company?

Well, the main reason is that I’m working on putting my comics up on Comixology, and they require a publisher to be listed, even for Indy guys like me.

But then I figured if I had to do it anyway, I may as well put some thought into figuring out what this thing should be. And it started making more and more sense. As my work takes on a life of its own apart from myself, my body of work is starting to become a new entity separate from even that.

This is especially the case when collaborating with Nate on The Wyld. It’s not just my thing and it’s not just his thing. It’s our weird little brother–baby and there needs to be a new space for it.

I played with the idea of using Nothing as the starting point for creation a lot in Rock of Pages. So it was only fitting to start this new step in my career with a blank page.

So what does this new company change?


Expect to see this fancy new logo adorning The Wyld and Rock of Pages books going forward. I also have a site at blankpagestudios.com to serve as a central point for info on these and future comics specifically.

Beyond that, not a whole lot is going to be different. I never want to lose that personal connection, or pretend like this means I’m in the big leagues or I’m somehow “reinventing” the comics industry.

This site will continue to exist as the digital hub for all things Lee Xopher. You can still look for the Nate and me to exhibit as ourselves on all our appearances. I just might add a credit about Blank Page Studios, depending on how pretentious I feel at the time.

There are no new social media accounts I’m going to ask you to follow (so if you see any @blankpagewhatevers out there, it’s not me). I don’t plan on devoting too much time to this beyond what is necessary to keep creating and leveling up. I just have a new platform to do what I’ve always done:

Scribble my own marks on the next blank page.