ICE comes to DATV: My television debut

UPDATE: The location of ICE has been changed to the Crowne Plaza Dayton.

You guys! I was on TV a couple weeks ago talking Rock of Pages, ICE, and all things comics. Dayton Information was kind enough to host a discussion panel about the upcoming convention, which features independent creators in comics, film, and music. Check it out below!

It's all worth watching, but the Rock of Pages talk starts around 24:40 (in which I awkwardly try to explain how Fred Lactus is different from Lee Xopher), then I weigh in on the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel around 42:18. Here's a list of the other fine people I shared the stage with:

We'll all be at ICE this Saturday, 2/20. The show takes place at the Crowne Plaza Dayton, from 10AM–5PM. If you like comics, films, and music, check us out and support your local artists!