Issue #13

The next issue is up and it rocks! At least in theory. Click here to check it out, or here to look back through my whole setlist. 

More often than not when people see my comic book at conventions they assume it's about music. "Rock of Pages" is a play on the phrase "Rock of Ages," which is probably most remembered as that Def Leppard song with the German guy at the beginning. So then I have to clarify that it's about an actual rock that you could find on the ground. Then I have to tell them it's not really about that either.

In any event, music is actually an important part of my life, and thus far has not been represented in the comic in any meaninful way. The concept went through several complete overhauls before I settled on this story. It's another experimental metaphorical one, but don't worry. Your regularly scheduled Fred Lactus will return with #15.