Meet the Characters of The Wyld

Nate and I have created a cast of awesome characters (if I do say so myself) for our new project, The Wyld. Here's a little teaser of our heroes to get you guys excited before we debut the first chapter at Gem City Comic Con this weekend.

All artwork by Nate Xopher.



How can you trust a wolf? Rok has spent his whole life around animals who fear him. He feels like he was meant for more, but he has no idea what. He'd better figure it out soon if he wants to survive in The Wyld.



Now that the Animal Kingdom has fallen, who is left to rule? Ari is a traveler in a strange land with a long way to go to find her purpose. Can she unite all creatures and lead like the lions once did?



Sheep are supposed to be quiet and do what they're told... which is why Juna never fit in. She dreams of a different life with more magic and excitement. Maybe that's why she claims a wolf as her best friend.



Just because a tortoise moves slowly doesn't mean they think slowly too. Tekos is a brilliant and creative allsmith who is always willing to lend a hand. You may just have to wait for this gentle giant to catch up.