Issue #22

Looks like I'm back on some kind of reasonable schedule here! You guys should check out the next issue, Brothers, and catch up on all the Rock of Pages that's online so far. I think of this issue as a quick pop single to follow up the epic Fred Lactus ballad, both for my own sanity in creating the darn thing, and to sort of cleanse the reader's pallette before moving on. 

Those of you who have seen me in the convention circuit know that I'm always accompanied by my brother and great artist Nate Xopher. I've toyed around with introducing our dynamic into the series but it never quite fit until now. Also, when we last saw cartoon Lee, he was some type of cosmic extra-dimensional space baby with the potential to grow up to be a hairy art major. So has the universe looped around again, giving him another chance at life? Or is this just a further example of the fractured timeline whose ripples are still causing temporal distortions? I don't know, ask your mom.