cincinnati comic expo

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014

It's that time of year again! I'll be exhibiting at the Cincinnati Comic Expo 9/20-21, along with my parter-in-crime Nate. We'll both have a bunch of brand new Xopher merchandise, so stop by table F6! If you happen to be in the area and are looking for some awesome comic stuff to do, I hope to see you there. 

On a reIated note, I'm hard at work finishing up the final issue of Rock of Pages, so stay tuned for updates on that. I hope to get all of the artwork done for the series this year, and then I'll be working on getting the collected edition out to stores everywhere. If you're new to the site, be sure to follow me on Twitterlike me on Facebook, and catch up on all the issues of Rock of Pages online!

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2013

In case you haven't followed me on twitter, or liked me on facebook, I'll be exhibiting at the Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend, September 14-15. Check out the convention website for more details.

As always, I'll be joined by brother and awesome artist Nate Xopher. We'll both have a bunch of Xopher swag available, so if you happen to be there, stop on by table B2 and say hi. New and returning visitors should also celebrate the convention by catching up on some Rock of Pages. The exciting conclusion of the Saga of Fred Lactus is still in progress, so bear with me patient fanboys and fangirls. 

Hope to see you all this weekend!

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2012

I'll be exhibiting at the Cincinnati Comic Expo next weekend, September 22 – 23. So if you happen to be in the area, I'd sure love for you to stop by! Check out the convention website here for more info on the show. 

I'll have a bunch of great merchandise available, including the special print-only 2012 Convention Exclusive. As always, I'll be joined by brother and awesome artist Nate Xopher, who will have some cool stuff as well. I hope to see you all there!

Issue #16

Anyone want some new Rock of Pages? Cool, then check out this link here. Or go here if you'd like to start from the beginning. Otherwise just go back to facebook or something.

It's certainly an exciting time now as I'm approaching the final act of the series. I've been experimenting a lot with the art and the standard structure of comic book form. The stuff that I've come up with has been satisfying for me and hopefully you guys can dig it too. So stay tuned, dear reader! 

Also, big thanks to everyone who made it out to the Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend. There were a bunch of people with great stuff and everyone I talked to had an awesome time. My bro Nate and I will definitely be back next year. 

If you're new to the site, take a look around at all the stuff I have on the menu to the right. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have and I hope you'll come back again!

Cincinnati Comix Expo

That's right, fans, on Saturday, September 17, I will be exhibiting at the Cincinnati Comix Expo! I'll be there with plenty of copies of Rock of Pages: Volume 1, some full color 11x17 prints, plus I'll be doing sketches all day. If anyone is interested in buying a sketch and you know what you'd like, please email me. I have time now to get some done so you can just pick them up at the show. Since I'll be drawing in the comfort of my own studio, I'll also be able to show them a little more love than I will at the convention. 

Also, my bro Nate will be there with me, so check out his site here. Head over to the convention site here for any additional information about the show. I hope to see a bunch of you there!