The Wyld Chapter Two is Here

Nate and I are pleased to announce the release of The Wyld Chapter Two: Welcome to the Chordati! We’ve been hard at work continuing the adventure of Rok, Ari, Juna, and Tekos (who you’ll meet in this issue) and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

Here’s the story so far for those of you who need a recap:

Generations ago, the Animal Kingdom fell after the Extinctionary War depleted all the world’s magic. The once peaceful creatures of Metazoa have now returned to the law of the jungle as they fight to survive in The Wyld.

Rok, a wolf who was raised by sheep, has left his quiet life in The Dayle in pursuit of a giant bug army that has stolen both the village harvest and a tree marked with a mysterious symbol. He is joined by Ari, a lion who is tracking the bugs for reasons of her own.

As he enters The Wyld for the first time, Rok’s world is about to get a lot bigger...